Hunter X Hunter: Chimera Ant Arc

By Andrew Eufre Belga

I think this one’s a blast
To make the story grow fast
I watered it with delight
By watching it day and night

The event took place with lots of grass
In an African-like scenery created to last
Insects merged with human DNA
The chimera ants are out for the prey

A situation that gave me quite a fright
The killing of the people by their might
My attention is focused without a sound
Leaving the villages ruined to the ground

Feeding the queen whom they obey
She must eat a large number of humans a day
In order to make a perfect king to lead
With strong soldiers whom she also breed

This story is worth as gold
One of the greatest stories ever told
It begins when the mighty king was born
A being who knows not how to mourn

A merciless apathetic formidable creature
Who considered himself superior to all
Who wants nothing but a formidable future
With pride as his defining trait up to his fall

I watch it attentively day and night
This wonderful story written with pride
A treat that one could ignore a clock’s chime
Making this arc as one of the best of all time

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