17+ Authentic Poems About Community: Growing Together

There is a distinct difference between sharing something and having it shared with you. The latter is much more powerful, adding an entirely new meaning to the experience of the thing itself. 

When we share something that matters to us with others around us, we create a community by connecting people through shared interests and experiences.

Every poem in this list is about how we interact with one another or what it means to belong to something bigger than ourselves. 

Whether they’re exploring the intricacies of relationships or meditating on how joyous it feels when someone welcomes you home, these community  poems explore the beauty of our connections to each other and celebrate what it means to be part of a whole, even when that “whole” may not always feel welcoming or inclusive.

What Are The Best Community Poems?


A sense of community is something that we all crave, and as such, it can be a powerful tool. From the power of shared experiences to the comfort of knowing you’re not alone in this world, these poems explore what it means to belong with others and how important that connection really is.

We hope this collection has inspired you to connect with your own communities more often – whether it’s by volunteering or just making time for friends on social media. Be sure to share these poems with others to be reminded how important their communities are too!

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