11+ Best Marijuana Poems | Weed Poems: Puff, Puff, Poetry

Marijuana has been around since prehistory, so it makes sense that there are poems written about it throughout time! Below we have curated some of the best weed poems from poets across all periods (and continents) for you. Enjoy!

What Are the Best Poems About Cannibis? 


The best weed poems are often about the experience, not just a person’s opinion on marijuana. Marijuana is an exciting topic for poets because it’s controversial and brings up emotions from both positive and negative perspectives.

So if you’re looking to explore this subject through poetry, look no further than these short verses that cover everything from love to loss with cannabis as a muse. Also, Does reading weed poems make you want to smoke more or less marijuana? We’re just curious.

As always, please feel free to share your thoughts in our community. If you liked what you read here and want more information, come back often for new poetry collections and articles.

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