My Darling, Cannabis

By Bianca Blanche

How exactly you’ve enhanced my life,
words cannot fully describe.
Yet, here I try.

Through you I’m able to calm my state of mind,
and see the deeper self reflecting from within.
Your sweet sensibility and intoxicating aroma call onto me.
Cradled at the mouth,
I draw you in.

By consuming your flower,
you graciously consume my stress and pride.
Suddenly my head sinks into my heart,
I am aware; I am alive.

As I pull, the lines on my face soften;
playfully creating old expressions from a simpler time.
A time before the trauma;
where ignorant bliss thrives.

Yet you’ve brought to my attention the gift of facing my fears
and the importance of living an authentic life.
To express myself honestly is what truly matters;
the rest will fall in line.

You’ve been a constant denominator to a lot of the good in my life.
Good friends, good food, good music, good sex.
Yours is the air I choose to breathe because
darling, you are the definition of a “good time”.

You’ve been given many names,
but not one as true as “friend” or “ally”.
More than just a plant,
you’re the quiet listener to my thoughts, expressions and dreams.
The creator of creativity; a pain-reliever and sleeping aid.
This is what you are to me,
a natural enhancement to my being.

Captivating hues of green, purple, orange and white
enticingly keep my sight.
Delectable fragrances welcome me to the here and now;
a safe place in which I no longer need to hide.
I marvel at your beauty with every encounter.
It was through you that I was finally able to acknowledge my own.

When I smoke, I’m able to connect with countless other women
who feel the same way I feel at times;
somehow less than others.
But cannabis, you divine feminine creature,
you have restored my own godliness!
By installing a sense of self worth and self love
I’ve never experienced before.
Without judgment and stripped from pressure,
I’m happily free in life.

We’ve shared many moons during our time together,
a lot of growth in this lifetime with you.
You’ve been more than an escape for me;
you’re a release to the ego’s grind.
The healer, the guide, the happy friend.
I’ve seen the wonder of you.
You stay with us when others might wander,
you are a loyal and pleasant companion until the end.
darling, you are the
definition of a “good time”.

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