Lady Cannabis - Be Mine

By Demitra Carter

Dear Cannabis,

I didn’t know a love like this could exist
How can you blame me that I couldn’t resist
With pheromones so strong,
you beckon me in,
let me know I belong.

I feel safe in your presence
It’s your very essence
Your sweet smell traveling through my senses,
I’ll never forget the first time I ever sensed it.

Expanding my mind,
giving me a purpose at this time
You are the embodiment of the divine
When I look at you it’s perfection,
every angle representing your depth and complexion.

So whole and complete
My heart skips a beat
At the opportunity to be on your team
Give and voice to your dream

You’re the very thing that we need,
to transform the greed into opportunity.
We’ll turn the world into our canvas,
and paint what we’d like to see.
You are the ultimate masterpiece,
guiding the brush smoothly.

Lady Cannabis,
You got me feeling so grateful.
Turning my body back into a temple
Healing the pain and guiding me to rearrange my state
Lifting me up to the highest place

You open the gates of creativity
Comfort me sweetly and ease the anxiety
You give your whole self for the good of society
Sharing your wealth,
and creating abundance inside of me.

It is my duty to share the essence of your beauty,
because Lady Cannabis you’ve been more than a friend to me.

You lead and I’ll follow
Your trichomes and crystals are leading us to a better tomorrow
Your love embraces the sorrow
Takes it in and nurtures the parts that are hollow.

My heart is forever yours,
I will stand by your side for the rest of my time.
Lady Cannabis, will you be my Valentine?

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