+13 Tipsy Poems About Drinking And Alcohol: Raise A Glass

Alcohol and poetry seem to go hand in hand. Do you ever wonder why? It could be because there’s a hint of truth in every poem, and everyone loves the occasional drink. Or maybe it’s because poets like to get loose and free with their word, and who doesn’t enjoy loosening up now and then?

Here are some of the best poems about drinking for those nights when you need a pick-me-up or if you’re looking for some new fodder for your next party. Cheers!

What Are The Best Poems About Drinking And Alcohol?


Drinking is a touchy subject. Some people enjoy it, others find it an addiction, and many have never tried it before. The reality of the matter is that everyone has their own opinion on what they think about drinking or alcoholism.

In this collection, we wanted to explore how poets view alcohol from different perspectives by collecting poems where booze appears as a metaphor for something else in life. 

Hopefully, these poems can inspire you to see those around you with compassion and understanding rather than judgement when you next hear them order another round at happy hour!

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