Familiar Stranger

By Sasha Perelman

You have many names that I call you
And all the ways I take in you in, too
You’re seductive and deep
The curious company I keep
Intricacies and delicacies
Observations and fantasies

Your smoke lingers
From just above my fingers
Like a cloud of inspiration
Raising my vibration
Elicit my creativity
With such propensity

Time starts to slow
And we’re in perfect flow
I get elevated
A little faded
And captivated
Even illuminated

To get educated
F*cking curated
Un-complicate it
Throw beats in my ears
Open to what appears

Maybe it’s rhymes
That align
Every time
My mind

Drifts off…

Maybe it’s concepts
In vivid depth
That circumvent
In great length

Let’s go…

Maybe it’s art
Painted from the heart
One color to start
And I depart


Maybe it’s deep thought
For truth I sought
The onslaught
Have and have not


It’s the perfect dance
My sweet romance
You drive me crazy
Three times a lady
Two steps forward
We get altered
One step back
And fade to black

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