Marijuana Poem

By Randy McClave

Out in the world there is a magical plant
But, to grow it, to use it, the law says that I can’t,
A law was created by greed and a Christian legislature
Though this plant was created by God, and Mother Nature.
Disease and suffering this plant can cure and relieve
It does more than what one logical mind could ever conceive,
It causes no pain or suffering or any dire side effects
Except for honesty and laughing, which it happily projects.
It keeps the user pleasant, by keeping them joyous and glad
It is the best friend that I have ever known, or ever had,
To feel good I need not take a sniff, or with a needle a poke
I just turn up my music, and then I take a little toke.
Now instead of getting drunk and wanting to kill or cry
I just stay at home and smoke, then I get high,
It is cheaper than any prescription, or any illegal drug
It’s also a medicine that cures, so I give a smile and a shrug
I grow it in my garden, so no taxes do I ever have to pay
That is why it is illegal, I have always heard others say,
Now when I am ever worried, or feeling depressed and rough
I just relax at my home, as I take another puff.

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