The Next Step

By The Understander

I pick myself up from the gravel of broken dreams
I dust off the put-downs of the world and what it means
I take one step, feel the weight of the negativity on my shoulders
They may doubt, they may give up, they will all see, that I am the bolder

Focusing on the next step ahead, the next breath of air
I look for the light at the end of the tunnel, that is never there
Sweating and panting I Must push on

They say put your mind over matter
But what if whats going on is all a mental battle
This world is impossible, this world…is so cruel

Never getting a break or time to catch my breath
I Must persevere, I Must make it through
Giving up’s not an option, failure isn’t what I do
So I take that next step forward, and I fill my lungs up
I will not let this world take me down, I will Never stop

So close to collapsing I take a deep breath
And exhale
So close to giving up I take one more step
And push on
So close to losing grip I hold on strong
And sustain

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