The Wedding

By Lady Grace

i wake up early dawn
to witness the changes in sky
from darkness to morn
for a new bride tonight..

the pain is still here
with sadness and anger
today may be the end
tomorrow is never a fine..

this man who’ll be my groom
is as good as Homer
a monster from the north
captured me as his lover..

i never love this man before
but he never let me go
he give me no freedom
only to find..i love him too….

for all those days of confusions
my hours filled with loneliness
all i see is his perfect love
a true love which is always the best…

perhaps it’s just a fair
to think that i am a bride to be
morning comes with no illusion
a celebration for wedding anniversary..

and as the ceremony starts
my eyes filled with tears
he is lying in white satin
while everybody stands with me…

today…as we celebrate our anniversary
no other words i can say
i love you so much
‘happy silver wedding anniversary’

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