When Your Granddaughter Asks You To Dance

By Jim Yerman

I had a wonderful moment yesterday…it was the perfect circumstance…
when my granddaughter said, “Hey PopPop…how’d you like to dance? “

I hesitated but she persisted…”It’s easy…you will see
we pick a song and you follow the moves from the video on TV.”

I’ve never been known for my rhythm…but I kind of remembered the song
so I put my inhibitions aside and tried to dance along.

My arms began to flail…I had the rhythm of a stone…
I tried to dance to the music but my feet had a mind of their own.

Eventually I didn’t care if I was nimble or light as a feather.
What was more important than the dance…was that we were dancing together.

And for a moment, just a moment…in my mind we were the perfect pair…
She was a young Ginger Rogers…and I was Fred Astaire.

An hour later my legs were sore, …I hadn’t danced like that since I was ten…
But I know for certain if she asked me tomorrow…I‘d dance with her again.

Grandparents if you want to make a memory…I suggest you take a chance
to trip the light fantastic…when your granddaughter asks you to dance.

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