Whimper In The Darkness

By Dick Lange

Within a darkened, quiet house, tucked in a lonely bed,
Upon a dirty pillowcase, there lies a tiny head.
A precious face that knows no love, in tattered rags she’s sleeping,
While high above, the angels who are watching her are weeping.

This world with all its troubles, the woes we can’t disguise
Has one that grieves my very soul, the pain in a child’s eyes.
So trusting with their innocence as they try to make their way
Through all the problems little ones have got to face each day.

So often they are pushed aside, their tiny voices fall
On ears of parents stuffed with greed, with thoughtlessness and pride.
How many precious tears must fall? How often must they plead
Before you take your eyes of “self” and harken to their need?

Little eyes that stare so blankly, filled with loneliness,
Caused by lack of loving care…parental heartlessness.
Longing for one gentle touch, a tiny hint of praise
But nothing comes to ease the pain…you just won’t change your ways.

Please listen to my warning, ’tis wisdom that you lack.
Each day you show no love is lost; you cannot get them back.
You’ve been entrusted from above, you’ll answer for your deeds.
Take time to show you love them, fulfill your child’s needs.

Or stand one day condemned you must, no way you can explain
Of why these gifts from God were treated cruelly with disdain.
While high above in heaven, the angels start to weep
For little ones throughout the world…who cry themselves to sleep.

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