You've Got Mail

By Anonymous

He went to the mail box wondering what had come
He became more excited; even started to run!
He jerked open the mail box and gave it a stare
He just could not believe there was nothing there!

Slowly back to the house he proceeded to go
Shaking his head thinking: I just don’t know!
You say I have mail but my mail box is bare
It’s as if it just disappeared like into mid-air!

He got the message again and could not resist
Faster he ran this time, his mail he would not miss
Again tearing open the mail box, his jaw dropped
He thought about breaking the mail box but stopped

I said why do you keep run to your mail box?
The computer has got me on the racing block
Saying you’ve got mail, I must be a fool
Can you make a suggestion? I’m losing my cool!

I said check your email address the next time it states
You’ve got mail, It’s there—don’t hurry it will wait!

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