11+ Poems About The Shade Of Black: Obsidian Rhymes

Have you ever stopped to think about the colour black? Many people see it as a sad or negative colour, but it can be pretty beautiful in reality. In this collection, we’ll take a look at some poems that explore the meaning and beauty of black. So if you’re feeling down and need a little poetic inspiration, keep reading

Black is associated with power, authority, and control. It can be seen as a symbol of both death and rebirth. In some cultures, black is considered to be the colour of protection. 

Perhaps this is why it has been so popular throughout history in fashion, theatre costumes, artworks, and paint pigments. We use it to convey grief or sorrowful sentimentality and strength and mystery at the same time.

Many poems about black speak to its duality; perhaps one day, we will see a poem for each colour! Until then, enjoy these ‘black’ poems from our archive!

What Are The Best Poems About The Shade Of Black?


Black can also be seen as a representation of strength and resilience in the face of difficulties. This may be why it is often used in funerals and other sombre occasions- to represent hope in the face of darkness. 

Black can also be seen as a signifier of sophistication and elegance. It is commonly used in fashion because it creates a bold statement that stands out from other colours. 

Ultimately, black is about contrast. It allows other colours to shine brighter by creating a stark backdrop against which they stand out.

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