13+ Interesting Poems About Imps: The Mischief Makers

Imps, as defined by Webster’s dictionary, are “a small, mischievous devil or goblin.” And while they may be small, imps can be quite a nuisance! In this collection of poems, you will meet various imps and learn about their antics. 

From making mischief in people’s homes to wreaking havoc in the forest, these little devils are up to no good! So sit back and enjoy these fun and whimsical poems about imps. Who knows? You may even start to see them everywhere you go!

What Are The Best Poems About Imps?


Imp poetry is often dark, brooding, and deals with the macabre. But there are also humorous imp poems that make the creatures lovable and relatable. Whether you prefer your imps to be mischievous or melancholy, we hope you’ve enjoyed this list of poems about imps. 

If you have a favourite poem about imps that we didn’t mention, please share it in the poetry community. We would love to hear from you!

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