15+ Badass Poems About Cats: Meow-velous Musings

We have long admired cats for their independence, grace, and mystery – But there’s more to cats than just being furry little balls of cuteness with a penchant for food and sleep.

There are some really great cat poems out there, and we want to share the best ones with you! Here is a list of 16 Badass Poems About Cats that will prove these little guys aren’t as innocent as they look:

What Are The Best Poems About Cats?


The cats in these poems are anything but ordinary. They’re not just the pets people keep around to provide comfort and companionship. They’re more like mythological creatures with their own agendas, who have no interest in being domesticated or living by anyone else’s rules.

These feline legends will teach you a thing or two about what it means to be independent-minded… Something we can all learn from! If you have any recommendations for more cat-related poetry, please share them with us here!

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