1920 To 1929

By Debbie Middaugh

I am the roaring twenties
And the cotton club.
I am Al Capone and his

I am the rise of Joseph
I am the age of science
And penicillin.

I am Walt Disney and
Mickey Mouse.
I am electricity in
My house.

I am the stock market
I am the first Academy
Award bash.

I am Miss America pageant
The first time.
I am Valentino dies reads
The headlines.

I am the great depression
Sweeps the land.
I am Lindbergh on north
Atlantic flight plan.

I am Betty Crocker and
Wonder bread.
I am the great migration
Watch me spread.

I am speakeasies and Gerber
Baby food.
I am the age of Jazz puts
You in the mood.

I am the woman’s right to
Vote ,19th amendment.
I am seven-up, Coca cola’s
First resentment.

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