5+ Unusual Poems About Toilets: The Throne

Whenever you sit down to write a poem, there are all sorts of things that can inspire you. There are landscapes and loved ones, and memories. But what about toilets? Believe it or not, they make great subjects for poetry.

In this collection, we’ll look at some poems about toilets. Whether they’re funny, thought-provoking, or just plain weird, these poems will make you see the toilet in a whole new light. So grab some reading material and get comfortable on the potty – it’s time to get poetic!


Humour is a way to deal with complex topics. Toilets are often seen as taboo subjects, and by making light of them, we can talk about them more openly. Poems about toilets are funny because they take something that we typically try to avoid thinking about and make it into a source of humour.

This allows us to confront the topic less seriously and ultimately laugh at it. Toilet poems also play on the idea of cleanliness and sanitation. We associate toilets with being dirty places, so when someone writes a poem about one, it takes on an unexpected twist. 

The juxtaposition of something disgusting with something beautiful or poetic creates humour in our minds.

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