60 Seconds

By Hezekiah Tiamiyuorman

Tick tack tick
Tack tick tick
The clock tick
Seconds to minutes
Minutes to hours
Hours to days
Days to weeks
Weeks to months
Months to years
Years to decades
Decades to centuries
Centuries millenium.

But it all started
From seconds.
60 seconds make a day,
10 seconds make a death.
60 seconds an hour make,
5 seconds a laugh make.
60 seconds
Turns a life around
For better or worse,
But it starts from seconds.

My fate might just rest on you,
My hope and aspirations
Could go down the drain
With just one wrong choice
In deadly 60 seconds.
How do you use your 60 seconds?
Oh! My 60 seconds,
You are a golden egg.

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