7 Days A Week

By Crmcrofsklephant Pines

I will love you seven days a week.
I will tell you tales, and love you as we speak.
I will love you today,
And I will love you more each day.

I will love you like Monday.
Like how the Moon loves to kiss the bay.
Like what happened on July 20, 1969,
I will take the risk like my life is on the line.
Because this day will be the start,
Of a one giant leap for my heart.

I will love you like Tuesday.
Like how Ares loves to slay.
I will fight for you till the end of the week,
And claim you as the prize that I seek.
Because even the God of War,
Lost the battle to the one he adore.

I will love you like Wednesday.
Like how Hermes loves to play.
To your heart, I will become a guide.
Everything that you’ll need, I will provide.
Every problem we will outwit.
We will face it together, we won’t quit.

I will love you like Thursday.
Like how Thor loves to throw his hammer away.
I’ll try to be perfect like him,
Even though I am weak and I am slim.
And when our love meets Ragnarok,
I will remind you how I love you again like an alarm clock.

I will love you like Friday.
Like how Freya loves her beauty to be portray.
On this day I will adore your beauty,
I’ll touch and give pleasure to your body.
I’ll bring you gifts and other thing,
And I’ll hope that one day you’ll wear that diamond ring.

I will love you like Saturday.
Like how Cronus loves to eat a new-borns buffet.
How I hope I won’t suffer the same fate,
Because did you know what happened to this mate?
I promise not to be a Cronus.
I’ll love you and our children as a bonus.

I will love you like Sunday.
Like how the Sun loves to give us a brand new day.
This may be the end of the week,
But my love for you won’t end, this I speak.
For I love you seven days a week,
And I’ll end everyday with a kiss on your cheek.

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