9+ Poems About Being Sorry | Poems About Apologies: Making Amends

If there is one thing that everyone can relate to, it’s apologising. We’ve all done something we regret and need to say, “I’m sorry”. But sometimes, apologising feels like the worst thing you could possibly do. 

That’s what this anthology is about – sorry poems about apologies. Whether you’re apologizing for something small or something big, these poems will make you feel a little bit better. So read on and enjoy!


You have to apologize for your mistakes, but it’s the way you do so that matters. Try these three tips when crafting one if you want to make an apology count. First of all, be sincere and honest about what happened. 

Secondly, take responsibility for apologising – don’t blame others or circumstances beyond your control because this will only create more anger in both parties involved. 

Finally, show empathy by acknowledging how something may have impacted them negatively based on their personal experiences with similar things in the past. 

These are just a few steps towards making sure your apologies stand out from other people’s generic “sorry”s which are often ignored or brushed off as meaningless phrases. If All else fails, try sending them one of these poems about apologies.

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