A Better Place

By Catherine Pulsifer

How often do you put others first?
Do you offer water when they thirst?
Do you show a courtesy,
Or are you too busy.

Does it matter their status
Or do you consider everyone precious.
Is money a factor that you consider
Before you help and deliver.

Are we not all made from the same
Whether we are rich or poor who is to blame
We need to show kindness to all
And make sure none do fall.

Respecting others is what we should do
It would spread more happiness too.
It doesn’t matter the color of our skin
Or whether people are our kin.

At the end of the day
Even those who have strayed
We are all the same
No one is better than another, it’s not in a name.

Treat others how you want to be treated
If we all did this and we just repeated
You never know when your life will be changed
And you find everything rearranged.

Don’t look down on others who face troubles
Be there and encourage them in their struggle.
Respect is a thing you can freely give
Respect will make the world a better place to live.

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