A Cry For Help

By Barbara Green

A child so small
so vulnerable and weak
helpless, powerless
not allowed to speak.
Lying awake in bed
knowing he’ll soon appear
Frightened and trapped
living a torturous nightmare.
Body is shaking
trembling within
preparing for
the terrible acts of sin.
Left all alone
with no one in sight
The abused child cries silently
all through the night.

How does one heal
from such a horrible crime?
The scars, the damage
lasts a lifetime.
Emotionally I struggle
to make it through
Not knowing why
I feel and act the way I do.
The tragedy is over
but the turmoil is still there
I wonder, if my outbursts
is a way to see if anyone cares.
Please! God help me
I cry out
with so much anguish
fear and doubt.

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