A Lion Roars

By Alf Hutchison

Come with me, hold tight my hand,
Whilst I show you my beloved land,
Africa’s blood washes through my veins,
From Bushveld glades to savanna plains.

Have you ever heard a lion roar,
Been close enough to touch his paw,
Stared eye to eye, smelled his breath,
Observed razor teeth of instant death;

And then that roar…that numbing sound
Sending tremors through the very ground.
A lightening swipe of five sharp claws;
No video this, you can’t press pause.

Reality life, your minutes numbered,
Certain death… your life encumbered;
But that day twas not meant to be,
God’s heaven had no need of me.

A shot rang out…a sound so sweet,
The king of beasts lay at my feet,
This was no trophy, no great prize.
My life…his death…no compromise.

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