A Police Officer

By E. D. Keef

A man or woman
a protector and commander
arresting and saving
for putting his or her life and soul on the line
so people like you or me can walk the vine
unappreciated, often unwelcomed

For everyday, and every nite
they walk the streets in every flight
cold or hot … wet or dry
feeling fear and feeling joy
for never knowing what the day will bring
for that day could be their last, or just a beginning

They see and hear the unimaginal
for we can only pretend to know
they live and breath it as the day goes
for every nite they go to sleep, and every day they wake
to start it over and over again

To walk a day in their shoes
seeing and hearing the things we can’t believe
knowing and feeling
understanding and agreeing
wouldn’t we do different
or pray for those who we don’t know

So next time you see a man or woman
all dressed in blue
just walking or driving
looking around
protecting and serving
give them a smile, a polite wave

For you can’t know
how that little respect can glow
and make that officer know
you are thinking of them, and appreciating their work
that is done so well, and done with pride
for leaving that day, will give them something
to hold on to, for the next day to come
and the years to follow
A Police Officer, we all come to know!

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