Officer Down

By Chris Tillman

I approach the vehicle, as blue lights bounce around me,
It’s not a matter of like and hate, it’s the violation I saw.
As I get closer, the danger I do not see,
I’m thinking of enforcing the law.
I hear the shot, and feel the pain,
As I drop to the ground
The car speeds off driven by a man who has to be insane,
As I finally into my radio, mumble, Officer Down!
As I lay there, I thought of my wife,
I see the dreams we had made.
I ask the Lord to please spare my life,
Then I felt myself begin to fade.
I stopped him only for speeding,
Then I heard a sweet voice on my ear.
Come with me son, to Heaven I am leading.
No more will you have to shed a tear.
I opened my eyes to see my Savior,
He said, Follow me, my son.
He will pay for his behavior,
For you have performed a job well done!

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