A Shame Of A Woman

By Anonymous

Do you see yourself
In the image of your oppressors?
A sheer of madness
In self-objectification?

A ‘SHE’— who speaks ill
Of another woman
Bears nothing but pity
Idleness and self-loathing

Does her body offend you?
Does her voice intimidate you?
Does her choice hurt you?
Does her existence bother you?

I once saw you
Write words of empowerment
Yet your deeds
Speak of prejudice

The shrill cries of your lies
Prickles like a cut
Clenched in salt
How do you sleep at night?

You said–
You got hurt in the past?
Yet you maligned them,
Vilified us!

You may have fooled others
With your songs of hoax
But you can never fool
A “SHE” of rage and solidarity

Together we’ll rise
Against enablers like you
For our resilience is built on empathy
A word that is foreign to you.

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