A Teenage Pregnancy

By Agustin Antonio

Why should my fun have to end?
I thought that this was just the beginning.
I see my friends go out to have fun.
And all I can do is watch as they drive by.
As they set forth to discover their youth,
I’m well on my way towards ending my own.

They call me irresponsible.
They think that now my life’s impossible.
But when they look at me,
They only see the pregnancy.
But do they see the pain that only I know?

I thought I had life figured out,
And that freedom would last forever.
Now I’m hungry and hormonal,
And mom and dad are disappointed.
I think that I can make this work,
With the boy I think I’m in love with.
But my life wasn’t built for perfection,
And I see that now.

They know that I’m much too young for this.
Does it seem like I’m the one to be blame?
And they say that they know better than me.
Does it seem like I don’t feel ashamed?
But they truly don’t understand my pain.
So can they tell me what to do?
Because I don’t know.
I’m underaged, and pregnant.

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