Abysmal Phillippa

By Sigrid Ermine

Operating on egos, heavy trust excavator
Temptress trampled muscles, smooth massuese
Promised loyalty, gushing hasty behaviour
Brought victims false hope of a soft soul’s spruce

In her rancid blood, infused through bone
Means to tease displayed glitter sparkle genuine
Blinded susceptible men, feelings on loan
Passed true hearts to her raw to be grilled in pain

Phillippa’s diction wrapped wholly in self progess
Dripping honey hands rubbed despondent
Caused fragile faith to cluster beneath her caress
Pleased moans drown clandestine wanton

Balmy endearment seeped from lascivious tongue
Money fled cheerfully from them as echoes
Sweet sway, her silk serenade, systematically sung
Stifled sage judges among hungry shadows

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