By Jae Centorino

Here you see a small child
that’s three she yells and stomps;
only trying to break free.

She says, “I don’t care! ”
But you can see in her eyes.
Everyone ignores her even
her cries.

How can any system think
this is fair, what’s wrong them
how do they dare.

She turns six and it’s over
the tests begin to show,
She can’t read or sit still
her brain is on over flow.

Her doctor’s say she’s okay
Just give her this pill,
put it in her mouth
and give it a swish.
You’ll soon see how quiet
and do it at will.

We call this ADHD
or ADD if you like.
No other tests to be taken
her label forever.

She knows no other way
It’s been like that for years.
One thing she knows
She’s not like her peers.

Before you label a child
Give them a choice.
Test them regularly and go
to the source.

Work with the parents and
teachers too. Get the community
involved with what to do.
Tell me would you want
that done to you?

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