After All Tomorrow Is Another Day

By Walter William Safar

When you’re standing in the dark, remember:
Hope is waiting for you on the other side,
A merciful altar lit by the light of your timid soul!…
I know that you do not belong here,
Because the light is your genuine home;

Yes, I know that this what it looks like to you,
Like the whole world around you is drowning
Into a dreamless dream,
Because I too was standing in the dark,
In the very same place
On which the cold human hand had put it,
In whose chest the heart of stone is ruling;

When darkness descends among people,
You ask yourself why the light is so weak,
Even though people are lighting candles so feverishly?…
Why is the sky so moist and black,
Like dewy moss on an unmarked grave,
Even though people are lighting candles so feverishly?…
Why the silent darkness is strangling the quiet cry of freedom,
Even though people sing odes to freedom?…

I know it’s not easy for you,
Because you, like many a man,
Are but a moonshadow
To the cold system;

When the wind travails the quiet darkness
Carrying your tear on its gentle back,
Be true to yourself!…
Stay human!…
From the dark,
You shall emerge in the light
As a winner,
After all tomorrow is another day!

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