A Place Called Tomorrow

By Idiong Divine

There is a place called tomorrow
Where this set of politicians
Who claim we elected them
Will all be gone
Even the last trace of their names
Will be no more.
No need naming names
Or pointing fingers at them
You and I know them well.
In that place called tomorrow,
Even their distant seeds that dare
Shall whisper those names in fear.

There, our government will be
Occupied by those we actually chose
To represent our interest as a people
Not marionettes brought forward by any party.
A government that will clearly
Define our economic system
And regulate it with sound policies.

There is a place called tomorrow
Where every Nigerian life
Will be held sacred as it should be.
Where there will be
Dignity of labour and
No man will be enslaved again
Where all the hinterlands
Will be linked to the heartlands
With love and respect
For man and the environment.

In that place called tomorrow,
Our enterprises and agencies
Shall wear a human face
Not bureaucratised in
Bureaucratic bureaucratese
So that resources can be explored
Rather than exploited
For commerce to thrive.

There is a place called tomorrow
A place where we will look
At the children’s faces and see
Joy, laughter, beauty and innocence.
Not pain, hunger and criminality.
Where everyone will be
His brother’s keep
So that together we may conquer
Insecurity or the fear of it.
In that place call tomorrow,
Families shall gather together again
To eat breakfast and/or dinner.

I desire so much that day when
We all would have realized that
We were first humans
Before we belonged to any tribe
Or religion
Before we attained any status
We were first humans.
So everyone will be respect
For who they are
And not necessarily what they are.

In deed there is
A place called tomorrow
Where all we desire will be
Yet it is in us fight
To make that tomorrow be.

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