All The World A Glory

By Myrtella Southerland

Once again October in its beauty,
Scarlet leaves and gold along the lane
Where the maples lure us with their color.
All the world a glory once again.

Crimson ivy clinging to the fences,
Late birds singing by the riverside,
Golden-rod and asters yet in blossom,
Olden dreams with mellow eventide.

Bonfires gaily blazing in the twilight.
Kiddies laughing, dancing in their fun,
Cracking nuts they’ve gathered from the woodland—
What a world, when all is said and done!

Time to gather round the gratefire, smiling,
Time to put our doubts and fears to rest,
Just to live and love in gay October
And the glorious world it at its best!

Time to have a little hour of music, Time to sing the old songs that we love,
Time to look up with a grateful spirit For our blessings sweet, sent from above.

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