Applications Of Aqueous Equilibria

By Anselm

Major species, minor species
Breaks my heart into pieces
Conjugate acids, conjugate bases
See the struggle on all our faces.

Hours spent on ALEKS, I know we suffer
My brain resisting knowledge like a buffer
From pH to pOH, from Ka to Kb
In my dreams these values are all that I can see.

I thought it would be easy, a continuation of chapter seven
But IF tables somehow twist the dial to eleven
I’ll study for hours, even forget how to talk
I haven’t seen my friends but I know Henderson and Hasselbalch

But I know we’ll be fine, we’re smarter than we realize
Just keep working and keep your eyes on the prize
Although sometimes I wish I’d never chosen STEM,
For now I’m chilling, at least until OCHEM.

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