Bald Head Cliff

By Thaddeus Pomeroy Cressey

The lone dark rock stands out against the sky;
High o’er its summit white-winged sea birds sail,
And fleck the azure ether as they fly
Above the splendor of the mist-cloud veil.
I’ve watched the weird, wild waves on swelling tide,
That through the long perpetual ages
Have climbed high up the lone cliff’s rugged side,
And carved thereon memorial pages.
I’ve seen the white-plumed waves along the shore,
Like warriors brave, advancing in a line,
Dash high against the cliff with clash and roar,
Though ineffectual on the cliff’s incline.
So mid the restless waves of passion braving,
Calm-fronted, staunch, defiant may we be,
And meet the foe’s onset with banners waving,
Unyielding, conquering, absolutely free.

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