Brighter Nights, Darker Nights

By David Okigbo

The night seemed as clear as day as I moved through the darkness.
Floating past smoky plumes of delicious fumes, a blissful residue of my unholy habits.
I had once been blind, clueless of my existence, stuck in the cataclysm of my life.
I dived into blue waters, sinking deeper with every swim.
But then I learned to breathe smoke, opening my eyes to the sights.
I saw the room glare brilliantly, ablaze with lurid lights.
Flickering hues, like from a disco ball, converged to soothe the depths of my retina.

As dream and reality coalesced before my eyes,
into blurry pixels of visions that I could feel but not touch.
I saw the mighty face of God, staring proudly from my dressing mirror.
I heard him whisper beautiful words in my mind, words I understood without hearing.
I heard the thumping of my heart’s drum and swayed care freely to the melody.
The music was a part of me, flowing from my vein into my ear.
I didn’t need the waves of radio to hear my soul sing.
Or the talents of a jockey, to cause my hip to hop.
I watched my salty sorrows of past days evaporate to lumps of cumulonimbus
And in the instant of that moment, I knew the meaning of joy.

Then the sun rose abruptly from its slumber, awoken by the long arm of the clock.
Its callous rays wiped the powdery taste of bliss from my tongue.
And as its golden glow gloomed the colored lights,
I became human once again.

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