By Matthew Higgins

Through the stormiest weather,
I stand tall,
But like and empty cathedral,
My mass, not much at all.
Beauty lies within,
and when the sun shines, colours for all to see.
But its dark outside, and there’s no congregation.
I’ m all alone, just me.

For those who do not know me,
I’m grey, you walk right by.
But take a look within me,
There’s more than meets the eye.

These doors stay closed, nailed shut
For I can’t let you in,
I’m supposed to be a place of worship, of praise.
Yet I feel so full of sin.

In darkness there is hope,
I see that bright and shining star,
Who’ll come and take a pew
And help me to restore.
There is beauty within,
and altar to alter, doubt will fade away,
So please come and find me,
And we’ll share the joys,
On that seventh day.

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