Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month

By Haley Alexander

When you were five
Your mom told you you could do anything
That you could reach new heights
That the stars were just a mile marker
Your life was just beginning
That you were unstoppable

My pep talk was a little different
You see no matter how high my heart soared
My body was scarred
My mamma said you can walk today
That sitting up won’t feel as bad today
That the scar down my back was my beauty mark
That one day it may even be my trademark

Well that might be true mamma but i don’t need a trademark i need a childhood
One full of sticky fingers and princess stickers
One of training wheels and a smile made of orange peels

To say i never had these things would be a lie
I’ve seen disney
I’ve had a mud fight and said you missed me
But through every laugh through every smile i had the hospital on speed dial
After 15 surgeries and about as many years my life began to change
Because with every scalpel
And even more taxing battles

My body became mine again
After three months of hospital jello
And promises of it will get better tomorrow
My legs finally belonged to me
When i said zig they didn’t say zag
When my foot hit the floor i didn’t wanna burst open like a chip bag

It’s been 12 years since my life truly began
Everytime i walk in the room i hear the choirs of angels singing
Because I walked into a room
When i think about my life
I’m not clinging to a maybe
All that pain is nothing but a memory
But i will not forget my journey

I will never walk a straight line
Or run a marathon
But there are some things that i will do
I will be sure my past does not define me
I will not be ashamed of my disability
I will tell the world my story

Cerebral Palsy is not a disease
When you walk down the street and see me there is no need to flea
No you will not feel sorry for me

Cerebral Palsy is not a burden
It’s a challenge
IT is a struggle
But it is one i happily will carry because this is who i am

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