By Edwin Oscar Gale

As placid lake reflects the sun,
Which ruffled cannot do,
Your cheerful face to every one
Returns like smiles to you.
The loved, who look to us when night
Gives respite to our cares,
Grow stronger when our faces, bright
Reflect the smiles of theirs.
Clouds do not melt the winter’s snow,
Nor lift the ice from streams,
The crystal diamonds fail to flow
Till warmed by solar beams.
The nightshade thrives in gloomy meads,
But roses in the sun,
And hearts soon grow but noxious weeds
If smiles their portals shun.
We turn unto a happy face
As magnet to its star;
The frowns that may awhile deface
By smiles soon scattered are.
We to ourselves and others owe
Kind words and gentleness,
Whatever kindness we bestow,
Returns ourselves to bless.

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