City Lights (Backwoods) Poem

By William Mowell

Fort Worth is where I wanna be
Texas, oh how I want to be free

The shackles of life burns like hell
To be on an old dirt road, everything I’d sell

I’m just a country boy at heart
City life is the worst part

Can’t see the stars over the light
Can’t even get into a good ol’ bar fight

This life is mundane and I’m sick of it all
I miss an old back road in the middle of fall

Country life is all thats there for me
A country boy is all that I can be

The city lights surround me like a jail cell
I’m living just in the city gates of hell

Simple life seems to be extinct
I need to find that missing link

Old days listening to Lynryd on the radio
A Pick up truck could make any load

The girl next door was your only one
When you were with her, you could reach the sun

Pretending to live the way of the gun
Pretending that the south had won

Riding off in the backdropp of a setting sun
But realizing your back where you had once begun