College- A Torment Camp

By Subash Khanal

I have such a wish to write
‘Torment camp’
all over the walls of my college

Each professor
stands behind the podium
and shares the sleeping tablet

It’s such an adversity
I come to college
and learn to hate professions of the common man

“Do you want to be a ploughman, without learning?”
– Says the first professor
“Your ignorance leads you to be a cowherd.”
– Says the second professor
“Is it your goal to be a soldier?”
– Says the third professor
“Politics – It’s the same game as prostitution”
– Says the fourth professor
“It’s not obligation to come to college to be a player”
– Says the fifth professor
“And again, the job of teaching is no good”
-says the sixth professor
And so on

My beloved lecturer,
Let me plough the land
Make me learn to be a cowherd
Teach me to serve the nation by being a soldier
Instruct me in the ways of politics
Let’s share the techniques to teach and awaken society
Let me be free to choose my options

We can’t become knowledgeable
being apart from life.

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