Cupid & Psyche

By Julie Smith

A girl more enchanting than the most beautiful Goddess
With her long shining hair falling over her white dress
Was sitting on the cold stairs of her marble stone palace
With a tear running down her fair ivory face

Weeping for a love she once held so secure
In her heart made of a thread so firm and pure
Before trust was deceived by envious means
Separating her from the man of her dreams

He who never in a lifetime had wanted to leave her
Was now walking alone on a bridge and the river
Below reflecting the dim light of the moon and the stars
Couldn’t make him forget the pain and the scars

Still he didn’t want to leave her alone
Since in his heart he knew that she was his home
During her hard time of trial and distress
He stood by her side, trying to find a way out of this mess

With logic and luck she accomplished her tasks
Overcoming the shadows vain Venus had cast
A box of beauty, of no use to her, but carelessly opened
Could have sealed Psyche’s fate, she fell to the ground

But Cupid was right there and kissed her awake
Because for true love it’s never too late
Psyche looked into his eyes and she knew
They’d be bound forever by the words ‘I love you’

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