Curse Of Righteousness

By Vaishnavi Prakash

A seed of a good man, sowed deep into earth
So deep that its depth banishes even the darkness of the night.
Over the years his charms grow and capture the evil in every onlookers heart.
He walks not on flowers but the same sandy dunes that is passed by every other soul..
Never spilt a word of disgust for other men nor did he shiver over the cruelty of this changed world.
He spade into the beauty and the essence of living..
This sort of pleasant life does not well suit all humans.
Distortion is well played and persuading the righteous soul an everyday mark.
Men try to abolish this curse of righteousness
But less did they know he was born out of it.
They bathed him in stones and nails for a guest.
The soul had a smile savored even upon his grave.
Men now dig to search for another seed,
The seed sowed with the Curse Of Righteousness.

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