Economic Decolonisation

By Babangoni Wala Chisale

I probed the hidden depth of our economy and lung it’s pitful secrets out of it
And when I display them before the eyes of the poor people
Tsunami erupted within our souls bringing heavy deluge of tears
Since we realised that we are made enemies against ourselves and Africaaa is still an
economic colony for westerners and easterners
Colonial masters pump out resources in Africa after filling the guts of our pliable
minded political leaders with conjuring tricks and cut throat policies
When the brains drive foggy with dark sugary donation
Politicians are made to do anything in escalating divisions
When human rights activists become the mouth piece of advocating these second
hand policies and ideals
That has humiliated many African countries up to the extent of being beggars
surviving in the arms of donors,
But when donor economy sneezes Africa catches pneumonia.
Output of our natural God given resources invisibles consume the spiced delicious
The bones are always donated to us but the mouthpiece enjoys the rich bonemarrow
whilst the common man left to lick empty unchewable bones after being heavily
bruised and cruised with economic ruins and hardships then meekly betrayed to life
confinement of living in ghettos
Thwarted with imported misfortunes and ideals of demoralising poverty and hunger.
In total disgust we drum up our hearts construing a rhythmic cry from the common
people incapable to accept such depravity
Since we are craving for sheer economic justice, fair trade, genuine equity and
sacrificial compensation.
Unless all politicians die then we will quickly develop Africa based on Statesmanship
and Best governance.

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