Egyptian Cotton

By Paula Glynn

I lie on the smoothest sheets,
Egyptian cotton,
Soothing away the stress of my day,
I live a life of luxury,
Spending luxurious nights in hotels,
Spending my money on diamonds and pearls,
And being a rich woman of the world,
I spend my days trawling markets,
And buying from jewellers shops,
Buying beautiful rings,
For I am an angel that sings,
Living this life of Egyptian cotton,
For all is not lost,
I am happy to pay the cost,
Of this wonderful lifestyle,
Where every day I smile,
And travel wherever I wish to go,
For I want everyone to know,
How happy I am to be rich,
How happy I am,
To live this life as I wish,
For I love luxury,
And making all my wishes come true,
For I am never blue,
Because I have so much to be thankful for,
That I am not greedy,
I do not want more, more, more,
I just have candy in store,
My sweet tooth,
Craving the sweetest touch that is you,
For I am not alone in this world,
I have many friends to be with,
I have many friends to enjoy my life with,
And live in the lap of luxury,
For I am as rich as Egyptian cotton.

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