Exam Mystery

By jobinmaktub

An effort over the years

A goal in mind while hungry

A bridge between life and death

Tomorrow my test of life

Preparing for the intellectual exam

Like a mother’s infant

I flipped through the books

The rest are final preparations

What sets me apart from others?

Diagrams and drawings are my friends

After a long search, I got the hall ticket

I quickly ran to the store

Test materials such as pen and scales

They look at me and smiles

I put my right foot in the exam hall

I arrange the exam materials

Put them on the bench

Trying to remember what I had learned

Tensions erupted before the reform

A silver lining cut through my mind

While the investigator is inspecting

I understood that bitter truth

I forgot the pencil in the race of life

I asked for a pencil for everyone

Everyone gave up and I was depressed

Diagrams and drawings in the mind

Trying a jumps into the paper

The razor and cutter I put in a corner

Whispering for its own use

Forgotten pencil creates the panic

A barrier between life and death

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