By Rose Marie Juan Austin

I tried my very best
I have exhausted
All that can be required from my capabilities
Beyond power and strength
But I lost.

Shoulders and tears dropped
Knocked the wind
Gritted my teeth
Felt the world
Has abandoned me.

I licked myself into shape
And have thought carefully
What went wrong
I prayed hard
And called on God.

I brushed myself
Honed my skills
And prepared myself
To get back
In the same arena.

Hell bent to win
I renewed my energy
Increased my pace
Used all legal means to win
But still for the second time
I failed.

I cannot accept defeat
And I told myself
I am not a quitter
I forced my butt
And tried with all my might
And here at the same field
For the third time.

Yet luck
And success
Were so elusive
I was doomed
To be a failure.

But my mind and heart
Cried otherwise
I used my failures
Put them together
To make me stronger.

I changed course
Now I see the light
Stars are shining bright above me
Fate smiles at me.

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