Old and New

By Anonymous

We are passing another mile-stone,
Another school-year’s done;
One more chapter of life is written
A few more threads are spun.
Life’s a journey, a school, a story,
Our best it doth demand;
’Tis a fabric; it should be woven
With steadfast heart and hand.
But we’ve faltered, half learned our lessons,
The story who will read?
And we’ve carelessly marred life’s texture,
A record poor indeed.
Yet our errors, our failures shall be
At length our best success;
If we store up their choicest teachings’
For future helpfulness.
We have trodden the old year’s pathway,
We enter on the new;
God hath brightened them both with mercies,
To Him all praise is due.
Let us study the matchless story,
The life-work of His son,
Till the volume of life is finished,
Until the web is spun.

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