Fierce Adventures

By Annette Wynne

Between the bookcase and the wall
‘Is raised a castle, gray and tall,
The desk top is a wooden moat,
The rocking chair’s a pirate boat,—
My little boy, turned six to-day,
Has fierce adventures in his play.
My little maid goes venturing, too,
O bold grim robbers—what a crew!
She helps to take the gold—but then
She hurries back to home again
For she must set the things for tea
With beautiful house-wifery.
The table’s set upon the floor,
The pirate marches in,
And eats and eats and asks for more
With true piratic din.
O ye who never knew the life
Of dragon-hunting, golden strife
Of pirates on a windy sea
Returning meekly home for tea;
Who never heard the black knight’s call—
I fear ye have not lived at all!

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