Find Relief - Get Self Belief

By Mike Miller

We’re not a prisoner of yesterday,
Nor a hostage of tomorrow.
Collect the lessons from the past,
But leave behind its sorrow.

In the present we are shining,
Plumes of incandescent light.
Where everything is possible,
Where wrongs can be made right.

Stop. inhale, believe in yourself,
Put down your knapsack of fears.
Feel the warm sun upon your face
Evaporate sorrow and tears.

As a river tracks toward the sea
Following each twist and turn,
So you and I must walk the road,
Tread the path we cannot spurn.

Life carries us, it ebbs and flows,
It”s course is predefined
Just as the moon pulls at the tides
Our fates our intertwined.

We are valued and unique,
We all have a life to live.
Don’t give up on what you seek,
You still have so much to give.

So let go, learn how to trust.
You have power to see this through.
It’s not a case of “twist or bust”
The future”s down to you.

Seize the day, “carpe diem”,
Appreciate all that you are.
Be calm, relax, find your “zen”
Shine like the brightest star.

We only have one go at this
Our time is very brief.
Life is too precious to dismiss.
So get some self belief!

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